“Why Sanity?” (with a chuckle). We hear it all the time. We also hear, “Is that possible?”

Yes, absolutely.

Adding Sanity to Your Workplace

The cost of insanity is huge! Lost revenue, decreased bottom line, and even bankruptcies can be attributed to insanity in human resources. Sadly, many HR departments are viewed as the department that hires, fires, pays, provides benefits, and investigates employees.

If leaders in your organization believe these are the major elements to HR, your HR department is probably not adding the most value possible. Adding HR Sanity to your department brings immense value from streamlining processes and procedures to identifying millions of dollars.

Each member of the HR Sanity team has found ways to add “sanity” to their workplace and now, through HR Sanity, are providing expertise to other organizations across the world.

Why the Insanity?

As stated above, most employees and leaders see human resources as compliance keepers, hiring and firing, investigators, and sometimes the obstacle to progress. Obviously, these tasks are part of the HR role, but should be a very small part of the big picture. HR must add more value than administrative task elements.

Everyone knows the saying “people are your biggest asset”.  This is true only if your organization sanely uses the human resource processes and procedures, data analytics, and overall organization statistics to allow those assets the opportunity to grow.

How To Start Regaining Sanity in HR

You must be more and more strategic with your HR spend especially because the average HR spend is over 30% of the incoming revenue. This is in the form of base/hourly pay, short term incentives, long term incentives, benefits, perquisites, etc.

It’s time to get into the numbers, streamline your processes, identify and watch critical statistics, and make the difficult decisions.

How to make your HR Strategic

This is not easy. From our experience, three main things need to happen:

#1 Companies need the manpower needed to assist the Human Resource departments to keep up with the workload.

#2 They need automated processes and systems unique to your organization in order to have fast data turnover.

#3 HR needs to provide deep, meaningful HR data analytics reporting and insights for upper management to make key, profitable decisions.

Raising Your Top and Bottom Line

Fractional HR provides these needed elements to ensure your HR department is functioning strategically in your organization. We provide high-level assistance in case of an open HR position, projects that need completion, processes that need automating, and systems that create deep, meaningful data analytics.

Our mission at HR Sanity is to raise your top and bottom line considerably through your HR department. Our EBITDA impact for organizations is $1 million to $4 million for every 1,000 employees.

It’s been an honor to impact our client’s organizations with more fulfilled employees, to incredibly increase the top and bottom lines, and to see their organizations run smoothly and efficiently. If you have any questions, please contact me at Michelle.Pearson@hrsanity.com.